Info about Bonfire Coffee & Books

What kind of space will this be?

Bonfire Coffee & Books will be a worker-run, self-managed cafe and bookstore committed to providing:

  • radical and alternative literature
  • ethically sourced food & drinks
  • an all-ages venue for local and touring bands
  • a friendly, open, non-oppressive social space

The space will be run by a consensus-based collective promoting the ideals of mutual aid, autonomy, equality and direct action.

...but I can go to Borders for books and coffee! Why do we need this?

Lots of reasons! Here's a few:

  • to be a working example of how resources can be provided in a cooperative, non-hierarchical environment
  • to provide a space where everyone is equal
  • to act as an alternative to consumer culture
  • to educate, share and support
  • to oppose apathy and boredom
  • to get you involved!

Other things we'd like to do

Selling books and coffee will keep our storefront open, but there's lots of other things we want to provide (that wont cost anything!) once we've opened our doors, such as:

  • an art workshop with communal supplies, plus a gallery featuring local artists
  • volunteer-taught freeschool classes on a variety of subjects
  • a seed library where anyone can donate or take seeds for planting
  • free computer stations with printer/scanner/copier access

Bonfire Coffee & Books will function as an infoshop for the Santa Barbara area. If you've never heard of an infoshop and are unsure what they do, some good definitions can be found at and

Other infoshops in California include: